Welcome to the Forever Factors! I am Rick Isaacson, a "business guy" with a wonderful wife and four great children. We are not a perfect family; but we are the perfect family for God: Each of us is deeply flawed, imperfect and messed up! That's the perfect candidate for God's love and grace and forgiveness.

"Forever Factors" was the result of our last child, Alex, leaving for college. Kristie and I were "empty nesters!" Kristie was crying with love and sadness as she delivered her last "baby" to college. She is a great mother, who always put our children first! I was a busy "business guy" who spent quality time with the kids, but often it was more sports or business influenced than God influenced. I'm not sure exactly when I got the "aha," but I remember the fear I felt as clear as if it was yesterday!

Did I do my job as Father from a Godly perspective? Do my children REALLY know God? Are they going to heaven, for sure? Did I give my kids a real foundation in their faith? Did I make God a high enough priority in our family? Or did I allow the "world" to be the primary influence on my children because I didn't do my job as a father?

If you've ever had those thoughts, you are in the right place! In my professional life, we have built a very important habit. When we find a challenge or a problem, we immediately focus on solutions and take action to improve the situation. It may not be the perfect solution, but moving toward a solution is always better than doing nothing!

My solution to my fear was the Forever Factors devotions. I set a goal to write a devotion directly to my kids based on one passage of the Bible every day for one year. I am not a minister. (But I had a minister help me check my work!) I am a father who wants his children to THINK about God's word and UNDERSTAND God's priorities for our lives. I simply studied the Bible and found passages that I thought would provide good "life" lessons based on God's word. I hope and pray the results are messages that will build a foundation of knowledge about God that will be with my children throughout their life... and FOREVER IN HEAVEN!

As I was completing this year of devotions for my children, my friend, Kevin Brown said I should share these devotions with other people. After consulting my kids and getting their approval, that advice sparked the "Forever Factors" devotional and web site. If any parent or influencer of children can use this material to help even one more child attain eternal life, then God Bless them! Feel free to use these devotions in any manner you wish.  All we ask is if you get a great result or creative idea that other parents might use, please let us know so we can share the story!

A word of caution. I wrote these devotions to my children with the reality of the world and a young person's life in the 21st century. They are not always "G" rated. They are focused on the real world our kids face every day. In addition, these devotions are NOT politically correct. They provide God's word "unplugged." It doesn't matter what the world thinks, these are God's directives, period! Forever factors are based on the Bible. The inspired word of God. And as for me and HOPEFULLY, my family and your family, we will serve the Lord!