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Luke 6:36 “Yes, You Can!”

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

There it is! Someone that has been “getting on to you” is exposed and embarrassed. You have a choice. You can throw them under the bus or show them mercy. What will you do? They’ve taken shots at you for weeks, months or even years! They’ve shown immorality again and again in their actions! Of course, you let them have it, right? Certainly, most people do.

But Christians play the game differently. Your goal is to be nice to those that are mean to you. Your game is to pay evil back with good. Why? Because when you act differently than most people, you stand out as different in a very positive way! By treating people well that don’t deserve it, you may have the opportunity to share God’s message with someone who is desperate for a different road in life. What if you help a loser change? What if you save a soul that otherwise is going to hell for eternity. If you “push” God on people, they’ll be turned off. If you do good things even when there’s an opening to take a shot at a bad person, they’ll take notice. They may not change, but then again, they just might. Be merciful, it makes you stand out in a good way! Anyone can degrade and take shots at others, only leaders can help them change!

A personal message...

“These devotions were written to my four children, Christian, Mike, Allison and Alex. By the kids allowing these to be shared publicly, our hope is that the devotions will make a positive and eternal difference in the lives of other young people as they mature. Enjoy. Rick Isaacson”

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